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Emergency plumbing service

You have a clogged toilet or a clogged sink. We have a plumber in your area for an urgent drain unloading on the North Shore or South of Montreal or Laval, we have a plumber for you now.

Notre équipe de plombiers se donne toujours pour mission d’effectuer un travail rapide, impeccable, minutieux et ce toujours dans l’intérêt de notre client.

Our team of plumbers' mission is to perform a fast, flawless, meticulous and always in the interest of our clients.

In case of a plumbing emergency, we assure a prompt service to minimize the impact of water damage by responding quickly to your needs.

With a wealth of experience in plumbing, we have the plumber(s) you need regardless of the nature of your project. Whether for residential plumbing or for commercial plumbing, our plumbers have the necessary expertise!

The total satisfaction of our customers is the first reason for our success, which is why each customer is considered our most important client.

Satisfaction guaranteed !

Plomberie Saint-Laurent

Plumber at Montréal and Laval

The creation of our company is the result of an association between two passionate people of their respective fields! Ghylain, Master Plumber, has more than 30 years of plumbing experience. Passionate about plumbing, he has built a solid reputation for the quality of his work as well as his work pace. Ghyslain has always stood out in terms of his sense of resourcefulness ... with him a problem always has a solution!

Before founding the company with Frederic, Ghyslain was a plumber for the Canadian Armed Forces where he had the chance to use his plumber skills on missions all over the planet, often in hostile environments.

Frédéric is passionate about entrepreneurship and business development. The meeting with Ghyslain gave birth to Plomberie Saint-Laurent.

About the plumber job

Without saying that the profession of plumber is the job is the oldest profession in the world (we all know what is the oldest profession in the world!), The plumber job is 4,500 years old. Its origin goes back to the construction of the pyramids in Ancient Egypt.

Also in ancient times, plumbers were essential to distribute water on the territories. Greece and Rome are particularly outstanding in this area.

The job of plumber has never stopped evolving, whether in terms of working techniques, materials used and the level of equipment.

This knowledge has been transmitted from generation to generation for 4,500 years to reach us!

Our plumber business has been evolving ever since, and we are proud to provide you with state-of-the-art plumbing equipment and know-how to serve you better!

Plumber emergency
Plumber emergency

You have a problem with your plumbing

Our team specialized in unblocking is ready to intervene quickly for the repair of your plumbing such as:

  • Broken pipe
  • Water leak
  • Clogged sewer
  • Frozen pipes
  • Broken toilet
  • Clogged toilet
  • Sewer backup

New construction and renovation

The construction plans for your project are complete and you need a cost estimate for your plumbing work. We are a residential, commercial and industrial plumbing contractor. Contact us for a quick quote.

Plumber wanted in Laval and Montreal

Plumber at Montréal and Laval

We are always looking for new plumbers mainly for our unblocking team serving the Laval and Montreal sectors

Among the skills required by a plumber, we find in the first place the concern for work well executed. Indeed, the profession of plumber is a dangerous occupation in terms of the risk of damage caused by a water leak if the work is not performed well according to the rules of art.

The second quality sought is to have or want to achieve (for new plumbers) a good pace of work. Our customers pay, for the most part, a rate per hour and it is quite normal that he has expectations at this level to get value for money. Today's consumer is very demanding and it is up to us to constantly raise our standards in order to continue to maintain our excellent reputation at this new level.

In the end, an element not to neglect is to be a person who likes to work in a team. When we are plumbers, we must listen to our surroundings. Whether it's being on the same wavelength as a colleague, another quarter of the job and, above all, being able to work well as a team with the client, because he's the real boss ... is for him that we work. We must therefore listen to him in order to properly identify his needs, which is essential to the successful completion of our work!

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