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  • Unclogging drain and toilet
  • Pipe replacement
  • Plumbing inspection by camera
Plumber emergency Blainville

Plumber at Terrebonne

We serve the Terrebonne region for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, whether for an emergency or a renovation. You can count on us, we will arrive quickly and work efficiently!

Our team of emergency plumbers

We have a truck for emergency plumbing located in Repentigny ready to respond quickly in case of emergency.You have a water leak or other urgent repair of plumbing? We have a plumber for you now. Plomberie Saint-Laurent has plumbers 24h / 24h, 7 days on 7 to help you for a drain unblocking.

Our team for new construction and renovation

The plans for building or renovating your bathroom are complete and you need a cost estimate for your plumbing work. We are residential, commercial and industrial plumbing contractors. Contact us for a quick quote.

Installation Lavabos à Blainville Installation de toilette à Blainville Installation de robineterie à Blainville

Installation and sale of plumbing

Do you have a toilet, sinks or faucets to replace? We are residential plumbing distributors of Riopel and Gerber brands.

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Remplacement de lavabos à Blainville Débouchage de toilette à Blainville Lavabos de cuisine à Blainville

Our emergency services offered in Terrebonne

Plumber in Blainville

Do you have an urgent debouch? We are the specialists to solve a blocked drain problem. From the clogged sink to the drain of the blocked building, we are emergency plumbers ready to face any eventuality.

Sewer drain inspection by camera

Sewer drain inspection by camera The camera inspection of your plumbing allows for a quick diagnosis of the condition of the French sewers or drains. It can detect water leaks or the location where your piping is clogged. We also do camera plumbing inspection for the purchase of a home.

Replacement of faucets

Replacement of faucets You need a certified plumber to install your new bathroom faucet, we are the plumbing contractor you need. If your faucet is not yet purchased, visit our residential plumbing product section. To see the faucet models and sinks we can order for you at the best price.

Toilet replacement

Toilet replacement in Blainville

There is not necessarily a correlation between the price paid for a toilet and its ability to properly evacuate Several elements can vary the price, the first of which is design. Subsequently, multiple options can literally blow up the price such as heated seat, integrated bidet or automatic flush. The base price for a good toilet is between $ 200 and $ 250 while a luxury model can easily reach $ 10,000!

Non return valve installation

Non return valve installation

The non-return valve serves to protect either a room such as a bathroom, an appliance such as a kitchen sink or a floor drain.A standard check valve is normally closed, that is, the flapper door is in the closed position until the water pressure causes the door to open. If there is a backflow, it is that the water comes in the opposite direction, the door of the nonreturn valve will remain closed.

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