Plumber Laval, Montréal, Laurentides

Plumber for unblocking

  • Blocked toilet
  • Clogged sink
  • Main sewer drain and sanitary drain
  • Roof and floor drains
  • Plumbing inspection by camera
Toilet unblocking

Unclogging toilets and washbasins

You're in a bad situation ... your toilet is overflowing, your sink is no longer flowing, or worse, your basement is full of water? We are the first to be contacted to lead the conduit that causes you headaches. We have specialized equipment and experienced plumbers who will be able to solve the problem.

If it is your pump that is problematic, know that we will do the checks and cleaning necessary for its proper operation before replacing it to avoid unnecessary costs

Drain cleaning

Unclogging and drain cleaning

We are specialized in unclogging and drain cleaning. Whether your drain is blocked by roots or any other obstruction, we have the equipment and especially the necessary qualifications to help you!

A clogged drain is a very bad surprise and can have unfortunate consequences. It can cause sewer backup and significant damage to your property.

To avoid unpleasant surprises we carry out a preventive maintenance with a cleaning of your pressure drain.

Plumbing inspection by camera

Plumbing inspection by camera

If you have a blocked drain, you need to know if it has been blocked by a one-time problem, or if your drain has a problem that will cause the problem to be recurrent, that is to say that it will block again in the future due to an anomaly of your drain. To be clear, we recommend that you make a plumbing camera inspection to check the condition of your drainage system. You will know the cause of your drain blockage and will be able to take the necessary actions to correct the situation.

The most common causes of blockage are root infiltration into the drain, misalignment of drains and drains blocked by fat.